YouTube captures Ferrari running over cop

August 6, 2012 1:21:26 PM PDT
New York City cops do it thousands of times a day, and often, the person getting a ticket doesn't like it.

But usually, the driver doesn't run over the cop's foot, in his $250,000 Ferrari, with his reality TV star girlfriend nearby.

The whole ordeal was caught on camera.

The red Ferrari was parked illegally with the police officer taking inventory.

According to the NYPD the vehicle had no front license plate and no inspection or registration stickers.

Then the car inched forward.

"Stop, stop! You just ran over my *expletive* foot!" the officer screamed.

The officer opened the door, put his pen in his pocket and pad on the roof and said, "Assaulting an officer?"

Why does the world have video of this incident shot in front of the Mercer Hotel Saturday night?

Because a guy had a smart phone and happens to like cars.

Police say this officer was hurt and is out of work right now. He had to be treated at Bellevue Hospital for a bruised and swollen foot.

The driver was identified as 28-year-old Julien Chabbott. He is reportedly is connected to a successful online business that helps customers avoid standing in line.

Had his car stayed in park, he would have received four tickets at $65 a pop for a total of $260 and police say none of this would have happened.

He was taken out of the car, handcuffed, and soon after you see the officer grimacing and uncomfortable, leaning on the car, the driver is arrested.

He lied on the ground while his girlfriend, "Hills" reality TV star Stephanie Pratt, stepped over him, got in the car, and drove away.

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