Girl's return to Turkey delayed by court

August 10, 2012 3:15:15 PM PDT
9-year-old Maida was taken by her father from Turkey and she was ordered returned but the Supreme Court put a stay on it.

It has been an emotional roller coaster for everyone and now it appears it will take even longer. The court could take a year or longer if they decide to hear the case.

The father and daughter are expected in court.

She was supposed to be taken to JFK for an 11 p.m. flight on Friday until the court intervened.

9-year-old Maida Ucisik's mother is waiting for her in Turkey who has barely seen her for the last four years.

Her mother's attorney in the states says Maida's father is to blame.

"(Did he kidnap this girl) He did absolutely," said Amy Sara Cores, Attorney.

Attorney Amy Sara Cores says there was marital trouble in Turkey.

"He left the house with his laptop, at the last minute asked Maida to go with him left and never returned," Cores said.

Two other attorneys took Maida's case under the Hague Convention and won, but a year of appeals and Cores, Maida's attorney now, says what her mother has missed is immeasurable.

"The goodnight kiss, she's missed a lot of those, she's missed four years of that basically," Cores said.

On Thursday, Maida was headed back to Turkey but when the court released her passport it was expired by three months.

The airline wouldn't let her on the plane, so it was one more delay.

But on this day, it seems this little girl is on her way to the loving, open arms of her mother who has waited so long.

When Attorney Cores finally came face to face with Maida's father she had words for him.

"This is not the right way to do it. (What did he say?) He said nothing," Cores said.

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