Could eggs really be that bad for you?

August 15, 2012 1:39:45 PM PDT
A new medical study about eggs is stirring a bit of a food fight.

It warns the number of egg yolks eaten a week could cause hardening of the arteries, almost as severely as cigarette smoking.

Should you be concerned about what's on your breakfast plate, we'll there are conflicting opinions about this study.

New research could make you think twice about those eggs.

A study in the Journal Artherosclerosis looked at the egg diet of more than 1,200 people over the age of 40, along with their other health habits like exercise and smoking.

"Theres a lot of nutritional benefits from eggs. They're a good source of vitamin d which a lot of people are deficient," said Dr. David Frid, with Cleveland Clinic.

They found those who ate the most eggs had the worst arteries, and the impact was almost as bad as it is in people who smoke.

But some doctors are raising red flags over the study because it only looks at people that already have blocked arteries and it doesn't prove eggs are the cause.

And there are a number of things that can lower cholesterol such as exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight, plus limiting saturated and trans fats.

In addition, doctors say cigarettes are worse for your arteries than eggs since smoking causes inflammation and cholesterol doesn't .

The official recommendation is no more than about 1 egg a day and no more than 4 eggs a week.

That's with the yolk and if you have normal cholesterol levels.

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