Suspect arrested in attempted sex attacks

August 15, 2012 3:01:38 PM PDT
Police in Northern New Jersey believe they have the man responsible for preying on and trying to sexually assault women in at least two towns.

The latest incident happened in Dumont where a woman claims she was attacked from behind.

Englewood and Dumont Police say the man left women in their towns intensely fearful.

"It's scary, I walk alone to my car, it's creepy," said Laura Casbar, a Dumont employee.

"Makes me want to get mace and get a dog," said Michele Franqui, a Dumont resident.

22-year-old Alexis Sanchez Medina was picked up Tuesday night on Johnson Avenue where police say twice, he tried to sexually assault women.

On the same block, police say he followed a teenager home after she walked her dog; he rang the bell, and then stood on a chair in the backyard, peeping at her, until her brother scared him away. It's the area where Carol walks dogs.

"My daughter was going to start coming with me, my husband wanted to get me pepper spray," said Carol Biondi, a Cresskill resident.

Englewood's police chief says Medina's aggression was clearly evident just weeks earlier in his town, where he allegedly jumped a woman walking home with her child.

"She was blocks from home, knocked her down, the baby was crying, he was trying to pull off her clothes," said Chief Arthur O'Keefe, Englewood Police.

Also in Englewood at Pindle and Pearl Streets, a woman scared off a man trying to pull out her window air conditioner.

She scared him off, went outside to see the damage, and he was back.

"He came up behind her grabbed her, tried to get her clothes off," O'Keefe said.

Sanchez-Medina they say is their man and that he was probably on the prowl again Tuesday night when undercover officers spotted him back on Johnson Street.

"We were fortunate, he drove by on his bike and we got him," said Det. Michael Foti, Dumont Police, "His violence was escalating, and we had to get him off the street."

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