Residents of apartment say they are overrun by rats

August 16, 2012 2:42:32 PM PDT
There are lines on the door where tenants of a Bronx building say there are sewage backups in the basement.

The tenants of the cluster of buildings on Findlay Avenue in the Claremont section have taken pictures of the rats they have killed. The residents say they were taken over in the 80s by the city's Housing Authority and were rehabilitated. But now, there are quite a few apartments with problems.

Barbara Alers has a water problem in her kitchen. She says that water leaks down from the fifth floor into her apartment. It has been this way for about a year and a half.

Alers also has the same problem in her bathroom ? even where the ceiling has been previously repaired, leaks are reappearing.

"I pay my rent every month. I don't give anybody no problems. This is the only complaint I have ? this and the bathroom," she adds.

However, even as tenants were showing Eyewitness News the problems in their apartments, the Housing Authority workers from NYCHA began showing up to deal with the rodent and some of the other issues.

In order to try to force NYCHA to make repairs go more quickly, 20 residents have signed on to a lawsuit that was being filed by the urban justice center.

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