Back to School Guide: School Lunches

August 6, 2013 2:44:08 PM PDT
Our School Supplies series continues with a focus on school lunches.

As parents, admit it, you're a bit of a negotiator with your kids sometimes. Do "this," and you can go to bed late. Don't do "that," and you can go play.

Your kids are negotiators, too, especially at lunch time, and especially if they don't like what you packed for lunch.

So what school lunches will your kids will NOT want to trade? One of the ways is a new twist on pizza.

"It's a 100 percent whole-grain sandwich thin with some cheese on it," said Amy Jamieson-Petonic, of the Cleveland Clinic. "And we threw some broccoli in just to get some extra vitamins and minerals in there."

For the youngsters, try using a sandwich that smiles back at them. Some dieticians suggest smothering it with hummus. And how about whole wheat pasta to look like the hair? Use blueberries for the eyes and carrots for the eyebrows or mouth.

That way, it's fun and good for your kids, too.

Try cookie cutters to slice out shapes into whole-grain breads and fruits, and toss in some yogurt for dipping, too. And on the side, try homemade sweet potato chips.

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