Granny tries to find purse snatcher

August 23, 2012 2:34:37 PM PDT
An elderly woman is taking to the streets to find the man who stole her purse.

The theft was captured on camera in Queens.

Her bag was snatched from her grocery cart while shopping at a store on Main Street in Flushing.

Bertha Presz is like most careful shoppers, she always likes to check her eggs before buying them, and that's why she had her purse in her shopping cart at Brach's Glatt Supermarket in Flushing earlier this month.

What happened next is infuriating.

A thief in a black shirt walks up, snatches her purse, and then casually walks off.

"Everything, my whole life was in that bag," said Bertha Presz, theft victim.

"A stranger was nice enough to bring her home, but she couldn't get into her house because her keys were in the pocketbook," said Hindy Laster, Bertha's daughter.

The supermarket's surveillance cameras captured plenty of video of the suspect and obviously, the crime, but when Bertha went to the 107th precinct to check on the investigation, they didn't even have the report.

"After she found out there was no detective there to start working on it immediately, she said, 'Drive me to Main Street, I'm going to go through store to store,' and it must have been 90 degrees, at least, it felt that way, that day," Laster said.

Bertha's family tells Eyewitness News that the 77-year old, is not the type to give up.

In fact, she fled from the Nazis in the holocaust, so pounding the pavement in Queens is no biggie for this grandma.

Fliers with the suspect's photo are now posted in the market and elsewhere.

"I said, 'I know this guy, he's been in this store before," said Bleemy Spiro, Brach's Supermarket owner, "I said, 'Boy, maybe he's been casing the place for a victim,' and unfortunately she made it easy for him."

Why? Because like most of us Bertha turned away from her purse to check those eggs.

"Because I had to check those stupid eggs," Presz said, "Better that they not be cracked!"

She's keeping her sense of humor, but certainly not giving up.

"My mother doesn't put up with anybody's nonsense," Laster said.

She had some choice words for this thief, only some of which she can say on TV.

"He has a lot of Chutzpah," Presz said, "He's got a lot of chutzpah."

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