3 people save woman from subway after fall

August 28, 2012 8:31:09 PM PDT
A search is on for some subway heroes who rescued a young woman when she fell on the subway tracks, but left before she could properly thank them.

Now, she and her mother are on a mission to find the Good Samaritans.

It was 7:30 in the morning Monday on the tracks of the D train at New Utrecht Avenue and 71st Street in Bensonhurst, but for 20-year-old Alexa Conto who fainted and fell on the tracks, the next stop would be the ER.

"There was my daughter all bandaged up. She fell, she cut open her head, it was a nightmare," said Alicia Conto, Alexa's mother.

Still, it could have been a nightmare that cost Alexa her life had it not been for three Good Samaritans at the stop who risked their own lives to pull her off the tracks, right as a train was coming.

"They took their own lives into their hands by jumping down. They saw the train coming. Not many people would do that," Alicia Conto said.

They were also able to alert the conductor, who stopped, and Alexa ended up at Lutheran Hospital.

Her family is just hoping to meet the three people who saved her and thank them in person.

So far, they've only made contact with one; 35-year-old administrative assistant Brittany Cruz.

They found her because Cruz had left her cell phone number at the scene.

Meanwhile, as Alexa nurses a broken foot and stitches in her head, her family is reminded of something.

"I want people to know that there are good people out there that will step up and help another person," Alicia Conto said.

In this case, they saved a life.

"Just please, if you have children, you know how I feel and I just really, really want to say thank you," Alicia Conto said.

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