75% of Islip's parking tickets unpaid

August 29, 2012 3:31:22 PM PDT
In the Town of Islip, Long Island, people seem to park wherever they want.

Even when they get tickets, they still park wherever they want.

Maybe it's because they know that the town routinely files their tickets away and forgets about them.

It's been going on for years. In fact, three out of four people who get parking tickets in Islip never pay them.

Islip's backlog of 20,000 tickets may be the worst-kept secret in town.

Wednesday night town officials are blaming the previous administration.

Under Councilman Steve Flotteron, the town board is offering amnesty.

Scofflaws back to 2005 can pay 60% of what they owe.

The program begins in three weeks and ends on October 20th.

Nobody Eyewitness News spoke with admitted to having unpaid tickets, but many said amnesty is a good idea.

Town officials say that this time, they mean business.

A new scofflaw ordinance is in the works along with plans to boot and tow the worst offenders.

That's not a threat, they insist, that's a promise.

I guess we'll see about that.

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