Blind man recoving after getting hit by subway car

September 6, 2012 2:44:45 PM PDT
A blind man who was hit by a subway train is at home Thursday recovering from a leg injury.

"I get this banged up walking around this house, this is not a big deal," said Jeff Golub, a subway fall victim.

57-year-old Jeff Golub is blind and can now joke about what happened to him but, he found himself in a predicament Wednesday, just seconds after being hit by an uptown number 1 train.

"I remember hearing a train was approaching the station," Golub said.

Golub said he was standing on the platform, his guide dog, Luke, was by his side.

It's something he's still getting used to because just 14 months ago he lost his sight as the result of a collapsed optic nerve.

Wednesday, Golub was eager to take the subway.

It was his family's first day back in the city after living in the Hamptons.

As the train approached the station at the West 66th Street, Golub moved too quickly.

"I thought I was walking into an open door but I was walking onto the tracks," Golub said.

Golub had fallen about three feet, and Luke stayed on the platform.

"I'm glad he didn't come down because that would have been a big decision what to do about Luke, because he wouldn't have been able to get out of there at all," Golub said.

Golub struggled to climb back onto the platform, and had almost made it, his legs, from the knees down, were almost clear when witnesses watched the train hit him.

"He was yelling along with me at the conductor to stop and I was banging on the side of the train, he didn't stop, he didn't drag me for terribly long," Golub said.

Golub's legs got stuck in the gap between the train and the platform and paramedics had to take him to the hospital.

"When I heard what had happened I was just like, this is a miracle here, he has a couple of scrapes and it's, all I can say is thank God," said Audrey Stafford, Golub's wife.

Golub says he's not going to let this slow him down, but he will be more careful next time.

"From here on out I'll ask somebody if there's a train before I walk onto it," Golub said.

Golub is a jazz-rock guitarist who has toured with Rod Stewart and Billy Squier.

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