Doctor who went missing reunited with officers

September 7, 2012 2:37:37 PM PDT
The Long Island man found alive after being lost in the woods for days was reunited with the officers who rescued him.

"I'm better," Dr. Jerome Nadler said.

Two simple words, but enough said by Dr. Jerome Nadler.

It's all been quite overwhelming for the 76-year-old and his family.

The officers who helped get Nadler out of the thick brush also paid him a visit Friday.

"25 years I've been with the police department and this is probably the best day of my career," said Samuel Barreto, Suffolk County Police Department.

It was an exhaustive search with days of tramping through thick woods at Caleb Smith State Park in Smithtown.

Nadler of East Setauket went fly fishing by himself on Monday, Labor Day, and never came home.

That was until Thursday, when Chase the K9 found Nadler lying on his back up against a tree stub dazed but conscious.

"The one thing he's missing is his fishing pole so we told him if you have any recollection of where you might think it is we'll go back and try to help you find it," said Brian Coltellino, Suffolk County Police Department.

It's a job well done not only by the officers but Chase too.

He's now been named Suffolk County K9 of the year.

"He did have a small steak last night. The butcher was closed by the time I got home, but he did have a steak. I'm not quite sure how much if it he tasted or savored. It went down pretty fast," Barreto said.

It's still unclear what happened and how Nadler got lost and couldn't get out.

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