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Where's my mattress?

Seven On Your Side
September 10, 2012 2:17:57 PM PDT
The building's landlord says his tenant, a Queens furniture store, is regularly visited by police who are dragged there by irate customers.

One of them called us when, she says, paid hundreds for bedding and got nothing but sleepless nights. When we visited, it wasn't exactly service with a smile.

Lorna McFarlane says she got the run around for months after she paid hundreds for a mattress and box spring that never arrived.

"It's like they don't care," McFarlane said.

Lorna and her young daughter sleep on an old mattress. She saved up months to replace the saggy bed. She gave MB Natural Furniture a down payment on a mattress and box spring last year, and then paid off the balance last February.

"They said they had to order it from a company. They said they would call within a few weeks, but they didn't call," McFarlane said.

First problem on Lorna's invoice was no delivery date, which is a violation of city's consumer protection law.

For 7 months, McFarlane says furniture store told her that they could not get the merchandise from the manufacturer and would not give her a refund.

When we called the store, a manager said the business changed owners and names to Fatima, but when we visited we found the old business name hanging outside. Inside, we found the same manager who made the sale to Lorna.

"I'm Nina Pineda with 7 On Your Side. I need to talk to you about Lorna McFarlane's mattress and box spring," I said, introducing myself. "Final payment in February, right there, $500."

"So what do you want me to do?" the sales manager responded.

Lorna had asked for a refund, but the manager told us it was against store policy. Even though consumer law states if no delivery is made a refund is required. But when we tried to show him the law he threw it out.

"You have her money. You have her mattress. You don't need to threaten me," I said.

"You're wrong. Get the --- out of here," he replied.

Just days after our encounter, the very same manager called us. He offered the mattress or a partial refund.

Lorna got back $420.

The furniture store said it kept a portion of the refund as a re-stocking fee. But Lorna plans to fight to get the rest of the money by filing a complaint with the city's Consumer Affairs Department. Remember - always get your delivery date in writing. If you don't get it, walk out.


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