ASPCA fears dogs died from poison in park

September 10, 2012 8:02:53 PM PDT
There's a warning to dog owners who walk their pets in the park.

The mysterious deaths of the four dogs are now under investigation.

All four dogs died after they were walked in Riverside Park in Hamilton Heights.

Now the ASPCA is connecting the dots and worrying these dogs may have been poisoned.

Matthew Wood and Emily Picard fear what happened to their dog "Tugs" could happen to someone else's pet.

"When I walked into the apartment he was in clear distress," said Matthew Wood, dog owner.

The 6-year-old French bulldog Boston terrier mix died after a walk through Riverside Park in July.

"He collapsed started having a seizure, he was foaming bleeding out of the mouth," Wood said.

The same thing happened to Kim Heismann's terrier mix.

"This didn't just happen out of the blue," Heismann said.

It also happened to Natalia Mari's Chihuahua.

"It's still hard to think he's not even here," Mari said.

All four live in the same building on West 137th Street and all of their dogs died after a walk in Riverside Park. They say the pets exhibited the same symptoms.

"Before we could get to the door Charlie collapsed," the devastated owner said.

It is a mystery, and over the last two and a half months they have not gotten any answers; was there some sort of poison in the park? Or was it something else?

For now they have their suspicions.

"My belief is an individual has decided to poison dogs in the neighborhood because they don't like dogs," Heismann said.

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