Seven Blocks: Woodside, Queens

September 11, 2012 1:47:51 PM PDT
The 61st street stop in Woodside, Queens has a direct connection to a Long Island Rail Road stop. You can find metal work of artist Dimitri Gerakaris in the Mezzanine. That's not the only thing to talk about when you step out of this station, you can find just about anything on this bustling road under the elevated railroad.

Across from the station is the "Stop In" diner, a neighborhood favorite and less than a block from the stop is the V&V Bakery, an Italian bakery that has been there since 1972. If you continue to walk up and down Roosevelt, you will also quickly find out why this neighborhood is famous for its pubs. The most famous being Donovans, only three blocks from the subway stop. One resident says, "It is a great night spot. We are known for our bars?Guiness Book of Records for the most bars in one town."

There is plenty for the soul here as well. The St. Sebastion's Parish is also three blocks from the station. The church and elementary school are separated by the 7 line running over Roosevelt Ave. An elementary school teacher said they spent eight years having their classroom instruction interrupted every few minutes by the passing trains.

Woodside is also a place that honors its service men and women. On a corner of the parish property, you will find a memorial to locals who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting in the Vietnam War. Locals say "11377...the Woodside Post Office's zip code lost more individuals than any other zip code in the country."

The address also lost men and women on 9/11. A mural across the street pays tribute a half a block from the stop. Woodside has a lot to offer and it's all located in a neighborhood that the park's department says is the geographic center of all NYC. There is plaque at the intersection of Queens Blvd and 58th street to mark the spot.