Bees making honey on top of Waldorf Astoria

September 11, 2012 7:00:37 PM PDT
One of New York's iconic hotels is swarming with bees, hundreds of thousands of them.

They are there for a reason, to make honey.

A room with an amazing view would run upwards of $500 a night at the Waldorf Astoria, but some guests don't pay, they've been invited.

David Garcelon is the hotel's head chef and beekeeper.

Once a week he covers his chef's whites with beekeeping whites so that he can tend to his hives.

He then pulls out the trays in search of honey.

Garcelon kept bees at his last hotel job in Toronto so he figured why not do the same in Manhattan.

So the location, the season, and what's in bloom all play into the taste of the honey.

Garcelon brought the bees up in the spring and already they've made jars and jars of honey.

"We branded it, we call it 'Top of the Waldorf Honey'," Garcelon said.

It tastes a little floral and even a little minty.

It's from the linden trees perhaps.

The honey goes into ice cream, nougat, and even the carrots.

"It's one of the most versatile ingredients you can think of we make salad dressings with it, soup, sauce for chicken," Garcelon said.

So look for it if you dine at the Waldorf, or you can always book a room with a view of the hives, a safe distance from those 300,000 stingers.

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