Note found rocks family on 9/11 anniversary

September 11, 2012 8:13:39 PM PDT
A family learned that the way their family member died on 9/11 was not at all the way they thought, causing them to grieve all over again.

"84th Floor. West office. 12 people trapped."

They are the last words of a man killed on September 11th.

"He was just great to have around. He was the best," said Rebecca Scott, the victim's daughter.

They are the words of Rebecca Scott's dad. Randy Scott was a 48-year-old stock broker working on the 84th floor of tower two when the planes hit.

For nearly a decade his family thought he'd died instantly.

"Now I know he didn't," Scott said.

She knows he didn't because of a note.

It's a note that the family believes, Randy may have tossed from a window, shortly before United Airlines Flight 175 hit tower two.

It took 10 years for the note to reach her family, mom, Denise and her two younger sisters.

Like millions of other pieces of that day it had been lost, until, a spot of blood on the note, thanks to DNA, became an important piece of a puzzle.

"The chief medical examiner called mom and told her we have an ID of your husband we'd like you to come down," Scott said.

That was last year, just days short of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Now a year later, "the note" has provided Rebecca Scott's family valuable insight into her father's final moments.

"It's very difficult as family members, because you don't want to think that they were trapped, but it shows they stayed strong and stuck together that they were brave and did anything that they could to get out," Scott said.

Randy Scott had so much to come home to.

His family says he loved life and clearly cherished those special moments with his family, milestones they now live without him.

"The milestones. September 11th was a month before Jessica's 16th birthday, he missed college graduations, he's not around for any of that stuff. That's probably the hardest," Scott said.

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