Newsstand faces eviction from Greenwich Village

September 17, 2012 2:39:58 PM PDT
Jerry Delakas has watched the world passing from a downtown corner for nearly a quarter of a century.

His Astor Place newsstand is a fixture of the neighborhood.

"Everybody comes here. Tourists come to him for information about the neighborhood so he's well loved and well-respected," Oswald Pitt said.

In fact, for jerry this spot isn't a job. It's a calling

"Positively, absolutely. It is my life," he said.

But Jerry could soon lose all this. He's facing eviction because he never actually had the required license. He only sublet the newsstand from the license holder and under city law that's illegal.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has denied Jerry's license application.

"He applied under the applicable statute to inherit the license, so to speak. It's in the discretion of the city to deny (the statue) for whatever reason and it exercised that discretion in denying it which I think it's wrong," attorney Gil Santamarina said.

Santamarina has filed an appeal on Jerry's behalf. In the meantime, the community is rallying around him. A petition of support stands at nearly 5-thousand signatures and counting.

"The city should look at his service to the community. That's what a license is all about. That he's serving the public," Marty Tessler said.

The appellate court' decision is Jerry's case could come at any time until than Jerry can stay put. He is still hoping that will be permanent.

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