MetroCard prices going up, but how much?

September 17, 2012 3:18:35 PM PDT
We know the price of taking the subway or riding the bus will go up in the spring, but the question is by how much?

Several sources tell Eyewitness News the base fare of $2.25 will likely go up a quarter to $2.50.

The price of an unlimited monthly card would go from $104 to $109 or perhaps $110.

"I think it's a lot of money. I do. I do. And I think it adds up," said Joan Rosenfels, a subway rider.

"I think it's a higher price for less service yeah," said Catherine Henlis, a subway rider.

A higher base fare comes up on top of word last week that the MTA might do way with discounts and bonuses.

For example, if you put $20 on a MetroCard now you get $21.40 of service. That could all change next year.

"I would not want to see the entire discount done away with. I think that really hurts some of the low-income riders," said Andrew Albert, an MTA Board Member.

The MTA board member is worried about the fight to come and he's already pushing to save some of those MetroCard discounts, discounts that almost all of us enjoy.

"If we have a financial problem, and it's obvious we do, I would prefer to see the base fare slightly raised and the discount perhaps kicks in at a later amount," Albert said.

Surprisingly, most riders Eyewitness News spoke with said service is better and that stations are cleaner.

Still, nobody looks forward to paying more, even if it's only $5 a month.

"It's not going to make me or break me. I mean it is what it is. I'd rather not, yes, but it happens every year. Everything is going up," said L. Brown, a subway rider.

Virtually everyone Eyewitness News spoke with seemed resigned to just accept a more expensive ride soon.

"You have no choice, what are you going to do? We can talk about it and complain about it all we want but it still goes up," said Wesley Santiago, a subway rider.

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