Healthy cooking class for kids

September 19, 2012 6:59:14 AM PDT
Kitchen Little is such an appropriate name for this cooking school located inside Gymtime on the Upper East Side.

Once inside Kitchen Little, it's little aprons, little tables and little chefs. The classes are for 2 and 3 year olds! It's like an arts and crafts class for them, hands on for 45 minutes.

"We give the course a three course meal to do, always doing something, shaking stirring, non-stop movement," Leah Landon said.

It's about more than the activity for Landon, for the founder. She grew up eating fresh fruits, vegetables and no refined sugar, so she's hoping to pass on what she knows.

"For me, nutrition starts in the home. Kids get used to what's around, so if you can introduce them to new foods and just inform them of other options, it's win-win all the way," she said.

Each class features one special ingredient. Today it was quinoa. Quinoa is used for a salad, for a version of Sheppard's pie, with pureed cauliflower instead of potatoes, and finally for cookies.

For more information about Kitchen Little, please visit or call 212-861-7731.

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