Stolen hummer crashes into BBQ restaurant in Chelsea

September 18, 2012 8:10:51 PM PDT
Police say eight people were injured in a crash involving a stolen Hummer in Chelsea.

It ended with a stolen Hummer and a shattered restaurant window. In between, there were several injuries on board an MTA bus that the stolen Hummer hit and a wrecked taxi that the Hummer hit as well.

To find out how it started, you have to go back to Midtown where the Hummer was stolen from a parking lot.

"This guy in a Hummer came by and everyone was yelling at him and they were trying to stop him. Someone jumped in front of the car and he had hit a parked car and he just zoomed away with all of these taxis around," said Kat Hartling, an eyewitness.

"The Hummer came up 25th Street, got to 6th Avenue, came around on the sidewalk, hit some people, hit the building, all the Obama barricades, and then he spun out, came back down 6th and that's when he turned here and hit the bus," another eyewitness said.

But still it kept going, slamming into the taxi and finally jumping the curb on 23rd Street on what is normally a busy sidewalk. One man missed getting hit by five seconds.

"It was odd because walking down the street, you know I said to myself, 'Wow, it's so quiet today, there's not a lot of people walking on the street', so very, very fortunate," said Chris Mazzilli, an eyewitness.

It all stopped when the stolen Hummer slammed into the Rub BBQ restaurant.

"Yeah, we were pretty full. Luckily he hit a big retaining wall, the main wall, that stopped him, but he shot the whole counter back and hurt my manager. They had to take her to the hospital," said Andrew Fischel, restaurant owner.

Five victims went to Bellevue Hospital, Two to Beth Israel and one refused medical attention.

The suspect behind the wheel of the Hummer was taken into custody at the scene.

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