MTA bridge and tunnel tolls set to go up

September 19, 2012 3:18:38 PM PDT
Subway and bus fares are going up and so is the cost of all nine MTA Bridge and Tunnel crossings.

For example the cash price at the Midtown Tunnel could go from $6.50 to $7.50, the Verrazano's a nightmare; going from $13 now to perhaps $15 in the spring.

"We can't accept it! It's going to be too much. We pay too much already," said Joseph Oludare, a commuter.

MTA Board members say nothing's set in stone yet, but they need to raise about $400-million soon, so we'll all be paying more.

"Like everything else, every two years we try to keep it down, we're fighting to keep our costs down but it's inevitable. It's unfortunate. Nobody wants to raise fares," Andrew Saul, MTA Board Member.

"And I think you have to be brutally honest about this, when you overspend in the past this is what happens in the future," said David Paterson, MTA Board Member and Former NY Governor.

If a court decision stands on the business payroll tax, then watch out, the pain will get worse and blow a $1.8 billion hole in the MTA budget.

"And if you tried to plug $1.8 billion in our budget just by fare hikes and service cuts, I think that would make the payroll tax a much better alternative who use our services and for everyone in the region," said Adam Lisberg, MTA Spokesman.

Yet even if the MTA wins in court, prices are going up and nobody's happy about it.

"Yeah I'm ticked about it but there's nothing you can do," said David Scannapiego, a commuter.

"I think it's a crime. Your salary don't go up!" said Gary Gennette, a commuter.

We still don't know exactly how much tolls will be going up.

In October, the MTA Board will look at a range of options on how to raise subway and bus fare, tolls and also commuter rail.

The board then votes in December and everything becomes official in March.

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