Stray bullet tears through home in Jersey City

September 20, 2012 4:44:50 AM PDT
A woman with her children and grandchildren was sitting around watching television in their home in New Jersey when they heard a gunshot. They found a bullet hole right above their TV.

"We just heard it and saw the dust, splattered everywhere," said Shawonda Clairsin, a Jersey City resident.

The paint chips and sheetrock have been cleaned up, but there are two bullet holes in the walls of the Clarsin's living room on Armstrong Avenue in Jersey City.

"When the cops came we found out there are two more bullet holes outside in the hallway," Clairsin said.

All of the holes came from one single bullet that was fired from a gun outside of the 2nd floor apartment Monday night just before 10pm.

"I got down, called the cops," Clairsin said.

That one bullet went clean through three walls; the exterior wall, the one in the stairwell, and then it went through into the apartment next to the TV, landing in the wall across the room, just next to the sofa where the two sisters, their mother, and Francios' two daughters were sitting at the time.

"We were watching TV, they're shooting, they're shooting, get down, get down," Marie Francios, a Jersey City resident said.

An upstairs neighbor told Eyewitness News he saw a group of guys run down the street after the gunshots.

Jersey City Police recovered five shell casings and say they're reviewing surveillance video in their search for suspect.

But that one bullet is still lodged in the wall, only a few feet away from where the Lord's prayer is hangs over their sofa, and where they family miraculously walked away without a scratch.

"I was especially scared for the baby, she would have got hit," Francios said.

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