Pulsation delivers more oxygen into your body

September 20, 2012 2:51:43 PM PDT
A new spa technique called pulsation promises to give you more energy and reinvigorate your body.

"The concept of pure pulsation is to increase oxygen throughout the body," said Andrew Barile, of Pure Pulsation.

Well it certainly sounds and looks like it's doing something.

For years this device has been used to treat angina but at Pure Pulsation, Andrew Barile is using it for healthy people, like a yoga instructor.

"Anytime you can get more oxygen in your body, it's also a good energy boost," said Stefanie Eris, a Pure Pulsation client.

It looks a little like an exorcism.

The Velcro cuffs inflate and deflate according to your heart.

"In rhythm to your heart we're going to pump oxygenated blood from the lower body up to your heart so we're increasing your circulation," Barile said, "The more oxygen you have the more you can do, the more mental acuity, so people see clearer."

Plus, it's believed to bring more oxygen to the kidney and liver.

The sensation is jarring and not really all that relaxing.

Instead, it's more like a passive workout.

Barile adds it can help detox and help you recover from jet lag.

After 45 minutes the cuffs are taken off, you slowly sit up, you shake out your legs, and you feel relaxed and ready to go!

Maybe not marathon ready, but ready for a busy day.

Barile says A 60-minute session offers the same cardiovascular benefits of a 10-mile walk, in terms of recreating the circulatory benefits. It does not burn 10 miles worth of calories.

A session at Pure Pulsation costs $200.

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