Quick spa treatments that leave you relaxed

September 24, 2012 2:52:42 PM PDT
A day at the spa may sound wonderful, but for most of us with jobs and families, it's just not very realistic.

Now, spas are offering time saving options that will still help you feel relaxed.

"Women were asking me, 'Can we have the relaxation of your spa, but in a minimum of time?'" said Mathilde Thomas, the founder of Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at the Plaza.

Thomas knows her clientele, New York women in a hurry.

So this is the second autumn she's offering treatments that clock in at under an hour.

"You will get a maximum of treatment in a minimum of time," Thomas said.

Take the vine reset for example.

The therapist slathers you with a honey and wine yeast concoction.

All the Caudalie products incorporate active ingredients from grapes.

Once you are covered, you are wrapped in paper made of corn husk.

And while you are cocooned in warmth, you get a scalp massage.

After rinsing off, you are further pampered with a vine body butter massage.

Its three components in under an hour for a total price $230.

At Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa they offer time saver treatments.

One is the olive oil body glow.

"Olive oil body glow 25 minutes, $70, it's a great exfoliating and regenerating for the body," said Denise Poppa, of the Red Door Spa.

Therapist Kimberly starts on your back using the scrub.

You rinse off the scrub and then it's onto the cucumber hydrating cream.

In just 25 minutes you are glowing and may not want to give up the comfy robe.

Quick treatments are exactly why Bliss has redone its ground floor space on 49th Street.

"New Yorkers love to come in and get a quick Bliss offer," said Katie Welch, of Bliss Spa.

You step into the pod for a 30 minute oxygen blast and the aesthetician cleans your skin.

They massage in a relaxing balm and then she brushes on a peel that bubbles and tingles.

Once that's removed it's onto the oxygen spray.

It's an $85 treatment that gets you out the door in record time.


Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at the Plaza
(212) 265-3182
ask for under an hour treatment menu

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa
663 5th Avenue
(212) 546-0200
ask for under an hour treatment menu

541 Lexington Avenue

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