Video: Dog nurses abandoned kitten back to health

September 25, 2012 6:14:59 AM PDT
A dog has become mother to a stray kitten in the small town of Jordan, Minnesota.

The 4-year-old Pekingese, named Mittens, has adopted the tiny feline, and has even started producing milk.

Mittens' owner, Pat Weber, says the kitten was just days old when her grandson found her in the family's barn and brought her into their house in early September.

Weber says the 2-inch kitten was "ice cold," but moved in her palm. She wrapped the animal in a warm towel and it started meowing, which attracted Mittens.

The kitten, now named Bootsie, began suckling on Mittens.

Weber says her dog, which had a litter two years ago, has nursed Bootsie ever since.

"Mittens has been mothering this baby, as far as she is concerned it's hers," she said. "And as far as the kitten is concerned, this is her mother. Yes, this is her mother, every chance she gets she nurses on her and Mittens watches her, cleans her."

When she asked her vet about the milk, he told her that "hormones and strange and do funny things."

"I thought Oh my God, what a miracle," she said.

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