More women paying alimony to ex-husbands

September 25, 2012 8:31:30 PM PDT
48-year-old Janet Logan married her first husband when she was 22.

"We were kids, we didn't have much money or anything, a friend made my dress," Logan said. "We were still in college."

Neither finished college, but Logan soared up the corporate ladder in the retail industry, while her then-husband worked on and off in construction.

"The peak of my career, while I was married, was just about six figures," Logan said. "His peak was probably half of that."

So when she decided to get a divorce after 19 years of marriage, she was slapped with $1,500 a month alimony payments.

"We call it manimony, we call it malimony," said expert divorce attorney Bari Weinberger.

But under New Jersey law, its legal name is permanent alimony, according to the divorced attorney.

"Permanent alimony is often fixed when you have a long term marriage and a disparity of income between the two spouses," Weinberger explained.

"(There's not a part of you that's a little bit bitter that he didn't do enough financially?) That's not who I am," said Logan.

But unlike Logan, a lot of other woman are not as gracious learning that they will have to pay alimony.

"They are not having it. They think that there is no reason that if they are out and they are working and they are doing what they need to do, that their spouse can't be equally self-sufficient," Weinberger said.

Permanent or lifetime alimony can be amended if the higher wage earning spouse retires and makes less money, or if the former spouse who is receiving alimony gets remarried.

Logan said she has to pay her alimony for four more years.

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