Brazil flight makes 'precautionary landing' at JFK

September 26, 2012 2:21:05 PM PDT
A Brazilian airliner made a successful precautionary landing at JFK Airport because of a problem with its landing gear.

The TAM Airlines flight had what officials described as "twisted front landing gear."

Flight 8078 originated in Rio de Janeiro with 190 people on board.

FAA says investigators will talk to the carrier to try to determine if there was an actual problem with the wheel. They know that the time of the landing, the gear was in the proper position.

As related to Port Authority officials, there was believed to be a nose gear problem on the flight. The plane did a "go around" so the tower could look at the wheel. The plane was cleared for landing and it did land "without incident" at 11:00 a.m.

Port Authority staged on the tarmac for emergency response, but the plane landed safely and was able to taxi to the gate under its own power.

The pilots could be heard on radio transmissions thanking the air traffic control tower for their assistance after the landing.

On the ground, passengers described an agonizing end to their journey, being told to get into crash position as they approached the City.

Fortunately, the flight landed safely and no one was injured.

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