Where's my mail?

Seven On Your Side
September 28, 2012 2:35:23 PM PDT
Nothing in the mailbox. Nothing in the bulkmail cubby either.

More than a month ago, graphic designer Bob Pellegrini moved out of the SoHo building his firm occupied for 25 years. That was the last time he's got mail.

Bob's longtime business partner was the one who changed their mailing address online through the USPS Website.

"Very simple change your address online and that's what I did," Carol Singer said.

She got this email August 17th confirming the change, but more than a month later Carol's received misery instead of mail.

"Beyond passing the buck, I had one person say she can't speak to me because she s a federal employee and can't be fired," Singer said.

Carol's only clue came from their parking garage attendant who showed them this returned monthly bill marked unable to forward.

"It's very painful to a small business to make it look like we're a fly by night enterprise,"

"It makes it look like we skipped town. You know that we're not function, which we are," Bob said.

It's not just reputation in their fiercely competitive field. Bob's got bills.

"Unemployment insurance, health insurance which we found out was almost cancelled," he said.

So we called the USPS. They said Carol screwed up, submitting the wrong forwarding address of East 1st street - not East 10th.

But take a look at the postal form Carol filled out. The forwarding address is 100 percent correct.

And after we pointed that out, 24 hours later?

"Finally the mail is getting forwarded the way it should be," she said.

A handwritten envelope was hand delivered containing the first batch of mail they've seen in more than a month

"It's done I can sleep again thank you so very much," she said.

So what happened? The postal service kept blaming Carol, but they never explained their own form that we sent them showing Carol sent the right forwarding address.


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