Dog goes missing at grooming shop

September 28, 2012 3:20:46 PM PDT
A woman in New Jersey is desperate to find her missing dog.

She dropped off her beloved Maltese at the pet groomer earlier this week and hasn't seen her since.

"She's just in the streets. She could get hit by a car. She doesn't know how to eat in the streets. She's never been out there," said Tania Parker, dog owner.

Tania Parker is beside herself.

The thought of little four pound Pearly wandering the streets, or worse, is just too much to take.

"She can't make it out there. She doesn't even know what the streets are. She's only been out there for her daily walks," Parker said.

Tania dropped the $2,000 Maltese tea cup off at Bow Wow Care in Union City on Tuesday at noon.

An hour and a half later there was no sign of Pearly.

"They called and said we have bad news, your dog is missing," Parker said.

Tania panicked and rushed back to the store.

Pearly was gone and owner Adrian Gonzalez couldn't tell her how.

"What can you tell them? You know I feel bad about this whole situation, you know I'm really sorry about it you know?" said Adrian Gonzalez, Bow Wow Care.

On Tuesday it was humid. Gonzalez says he opened the door to get the dogs some air. He put up a gate so you can see there were two gates. He thinks someone jumped over and stole Pearly, because she couldn't have gotten out under there.

"Now I dropped off three dogs that day. My dog, my cousin's dog, and my brother in laws dog. The most valuable dog is the one that's missing," Parker said.

She thinks Pearly might have even been hurt by another dog at Bow Wow, and they are covering it up.

Gonzalez has put up these missing posters and is offering a reward of a couple hundred dollars and even says he will buy Tania another dog.

But holding onto little Pearly's outfits, Tania says none of that matters to her and her 2-year-old son.

They miss their dog and they worry too because Pearly is diabetic and needs her medication.

"I don't want another dog, I want my dog," Parker said.

But with each passing day, Tania knows that is less likely.

A dog who fits into a tiny dress cannot survive on her own.

If you know anything about were Pearly might be please call the police.

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