Team ABC7: 2012 NYC Marathon

October 18, 2012 1:59:26 PM PDT
Are you first-time runner in the NYC Marathon?Have no fear! The Team ABC7 blog is here!

Leading to the big race on Nov. 4, be sure to follow the blog as Eyewitness News meterologist Amy Freeze, who will be running in her seventh marathon, and news producer Jay Holder, who has run in five marathons and spots a personal record of a blazing 2:40:28, will lead our coverage with news, runner profiles, training tips, ways to improve your time, suggestions on the best places to run and much, much more!

Also, don't forget to follow Team ABC7 on Facebook or reach them on Twitter at @TeamABC7 using "#TeamABC7" in the body of your tweets.

So come be a part of our team today -- and happy training!