Child left on subway after doors close on mother

October 3, 2012 5:43:59 AM PDT
It was a terrifying hour for one mother as her young son was left on a New York City subway after the doors closed before she could get on.

"I was screaming my son!! My son is on the train," Lisa Rice said.

The door closed with 7-year-old Liam on one side in the G train and Rice and 5-year-old Gavin still on the platform.

"I looked back to see if conductor was watching and no one there," she said. "I was screaming thought I was gonna be dragged."

It would be an hour before they were reunited.

"It was an eternity, the longest hour of my life," she said.

The MTA says talk to your kids. Tell them go to the conductor, a police officer or the station manager, who are specifically trained to deal with emergencies like this, but Rice went one step further.

She says she read a book called "Protecting the Gift" after the horrendous child murder of Leiby Kletsky, and that is why she and her son had a plan. She told him to always find an adult with another child.

Liam went with a dad he found and his child, and they tracked down police. Liam tells other kids the advice Mom told him, "Find a grownup with a kid and then go to the next station."

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