Dog with bruises and missing dog, same groomer

October 3, 2012 2:49:12 PM PDT
After Eyewitness News' story aired Friday about Tania Parker and little Pearly, her 4 pound Maltese that went missing an hour and a half after being dropped off at Bow Wow Care in Union City; we got a call from Marla Cooley.

"I said oh my goodness it's the same place!" Bykes-Cooley said.

Immediately she saw Bow Wow's owner Adrian Gonzalez and made the connection.

That's where she took her Maltese Winnie back in July.

When they picked Winnie up there was a big problem.

"I said, 'Oh my God' what happened to her belly? Why didn't you call me?' He said, 'I thought I'd take care of it,'" Bykes-Cooley said.

Winnie's belly is nice and pink now, but the day Marla picked her up it was red and bruised and she had scratches on her legs as well.

After hearing that story Eyewitness News had to come back and talk to Bow Wow's owner, but when we got there it was closed with only a number to call.

So Eyewitness News called it.

Gonzalez answered.

He said the shop is closed because he is taking care of his mother who is ill.

He says Pearly still hasn't been found and Marla's story is nonsense.

He says Winnie just got a rash.

But Bykes-Cooley had a vet bill for $500.

"The vet was outraged said absolutely not this was not a rash. Something happened with this dog, this dog has been bruised," Bykes-Cooley said.

Gonzalez says he runs a good, fair business and he denies the claim.

Now remember, Tania is still waiting to find out what happened to her dog.

Friday she was devastated.

"She could get hit by a car, she don't know how to like eat in the streets, she's never been out there," Parker said.

Marla says she just doesn't want any other dogs to get hurt or go missing.

"He took no ownership and if you can't do that when you are taking care of dogs, then you don't need to be in business," Bykes-Cooley said.

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