Girl not paid for summer camp work

Seven On Your Side
October 8, 2012 2:22:58 PM PDT
The Curtis Turner who slammed the door on 7 On Your Side is the same guy whooping it up in a video from his summer camp.

He was performing in front of youth counselors who worked at the camp that he and his wife run.

In the video Curtis and Kathy Turner promise parents their kids will be taken care of by his teen recruits.

But the parent of one of those teenage counselors says the Turners, turned their back on some staffers, stiffing them out of half their summer pay.

"It's not fair, it's not right," said Sabrina Mealing, mother.

Sabrina Mealing says her daughter Teyanna, is owed $450 for the time she put in as a youth counselor at Camp Life Kingdom, a summer enrichment program run by the Turners in St. Alban's Queens.

"As a person who works, it makes me mad because I wouldn't want to work six weeks and then not get my paycheck," Mealing said.

She says Teyanna worked 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, camp ended August 6, but she only got paid once in cash at the end of July.

"After three weeks she only got $450?" Nina Pineda asked.

"She only got $450," Mealing said.

"Did you get a withholding form?" Pineda asked.

"Nothing," Mealing said.

"Did they tell you they were holding taxes out?" Pineda asked.

"Nothing," Mealing replied.

She did get something, this email from Curtis and Dr. Kathleen Turner apologizing and promising the unpaid youth workers, their back pay in two weeks. That was August.

Since then, Sabrina says the cavorting camp directors have gone from effusive to evasive.

"They don't return my emails or telephone calls," Mealing said.

Turner told 7 On Your Side by phone Sabrina would be paid "very shortly."

That was three weeks ago. So when he didn't answer our calls, 7 On Your Side went to the Turner home.

"Curtis, it's Nina Pineda with 7 On Your Side, I'm here to ask you about Teyanna Mealing's pay for working at your camp?" Pineda asked.

"Yes, that's going to be taken care of," Curtis Turner said.

"Well you said in an email this would be taken care of August 20, it's October 2nd," Pineda said.

"It's going to be taken care of," Turner said.

"Mr. Turner this is a 17 year old," Pineda said as Turner slammed the door shut.

One reason for the non-payment? 7 On Your Side found Curtis and Kathleen Turner had a federal tax lien against them for more than $20,000.

Curtis or Kathleen never responded to subsequent phone calls and emails to explain exactly how many kids are out and when they'll be paid.



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