Twitter followers help search for missing dog

October 9, 2012 8:12:19 PM PDT
Danielle Marveall is heartsick after her precious Chihuahua nine-year-old Myrtle is lost.

On Friday, Danielle flew up to Canada for her cousin's wedding.

On Saturday, her friend who was dog sitting took Myrtle out for a quick walk.

There was a loud noise.

Myrtle got spooked, slipped out of her collar, and ran for cover.

That was the last they've seen of the six pound black beauty.

As soon as Danielle found out, she went straight to the airport, flew home to Free Point, Brooklyn, missed her cousin's wedding and launched a massive search party.

The difference, she is using the power of the Internet.

Danielle already had 10,000 Twitter followers.

She is now asking them to be her army of 10,000 extra sets of eyes and they have responded.

Even celebrities have retweeted her messages and Newsweek is now posting her blog

Danielle and her friends still search by foot, still leave food out in case Myrtle is hungry, but she is hoping the growing interest on the internet will help bring this shy rescue dog back home.

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