Residents fed up with college student neighbors

October 12, 2012 1:25:14 PM PDT
Some senior citizens in New Jersey are upset about some college seniors living in their neighborhood.

They say the students are drinking, making noise and leaving behind a lot garbage in their once quiet neighborhood.

It's all happening near the College of New Jersey campus in Ewing.

Longtime homeowners say the influx of college kids into the neighborhood has brought these huge problems.

"They come by knock down the mailbox for fun," resident Daniel Brown said.

"They were urinating in the yard," Andre Brown added.

So many problems, they say they're constantly calling police to shut down large parties.

"They stopped 5 kids right here, got them for underage drinking, fined the 150 dollars," Ron Jones said.

They say they see the landscape changing where they maintain their lawns while students and landlords don't.

"We just want them to act like neighbors," homeowner Lorraine Hall said.

But these students have their own gripes after they moved to one home built especially for renters. Neighbors are angry it was allowed to be built, and the students say they're unfairly feeling the heat.

"We tried to be nice get to know them and they pushed us away," student Kendra Griffith said.

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