Several animals shot with blow darts

October 17, 2012 2:47:12 PM PDT
The search is on for the person killing and injuring animals in New York City.

Nine animals including birds and a squirrel have been shot.

They are the walking wounded: Canada geese with darts sticking out of their necks.

It's resulted in a different kind of bird watching in the Bronx as authorities look for the person shooting the projectiles with a blowgun.

These birds have survived, others haven't been as lucky.

Last month two geese were found dead and two others had to be euthanized.

All had been shot with the same type of orange tipped dart in the parking lot of Orchard Beach which is part of Pelham Bay Park, the largest park in the city.

In all, nine animals have been hit; eight birds and one squirrel.

Park advocates say its clear more patrols are needed.

In the past, animals in city parks have been found shot with BBs or from a bow and arrow. Using blowgun darts seems to be a first.

The DEC and NYPD say they will increase patrols.

If caught, the suspect faces felony charges punishable up to two years in prison.

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