Police union calls Jewish center beating 'justified'

October 17, 2012 2:34:53 PM PDT
There are new developments in a beating that was caught on camera.

Two NYPD officers were caught beating a man at a Jewish center in Brooklyn.

In the videotape, there is clearly a confrontation.

His attorneys say 21 year-old Ehud Haleavy is telling the officers that he had a right to be sleeping on the couch of the Jewish youth center where he was being counseled.

Suddenly, one of the officers puts-up his fists and pummels Haleavy like a prizefighter.

Landing, by one count, more than 20 punches, while his partner, a woman., beats him with her baton.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the president of the city's police union told Eyewitness News the officers were justified.

"Using force always appears to be severe but is necessary to arrest a culprit who resists," he said. "The officer must use force to gain compliance and handcuff the offender. In this case, it is clear from the video that when the officer attempted to take the culprit's arm he resisted by twisting and turning away."

Haleavy was not seriously injured, but the officers charged him with assaulting them.

The rabbis who run the center say that's outrageous.

"As far as you're concerned he didn't need to leave? Police report is wrong?" asked Eyewitness News reporter N.J. Burkett.

"Yes. Absolutely. Totally wrong. Almost every charge is baseless. And even if he was supposed to leave, he wasn't supposed to get such a beating before leaving," the rabbi said.

His attorneys insist the charges should be dropped.

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