Pregnant mother chases down iPhone robber

October 19, 2012 1:17:33 PM PDT
Little Olivia was in her stroller, excited about a day in the park with friends, but when her mother was approached by a teenage gunman the feeling of safety was shattered.

"I noticed that he was holding a gun, and he sort of held it at his waist, you know, at my midsection and he said something and I didn't realize he said, 'I want your phone,'" said Rachel Massey, robbery victim.

Rachel Massey has not been able to figure out if she was targeted because she is four months pregnant and already has her hands full with 14-month old Olivia who is full of energy.

"I don't know if he was young enough to know how really out of it you are when you're a mom," Massey said.

Fortunately, the gunman took the phone and took off running.

"I let him go a little bit then I went after him, not because I was going to chase him down or confront him or anything, but because I kind of wanted to see where he was going," Massey said.

The frightening robbery took place at McCarren Park in Brooklyn late in the afternoon, a place where women bring their children for some fun and friendship.

Now moms are paying more attention to their surrounding.

"That was unfortunate. I know it has happened on the subway and the parks around," said Sarah Demetz, a mom.

Massey says any possible fear didn't set in until later on.

Police have been dealing with more robberies of electronics in the neighborhood, so everyone should beware.

"I'm going to look at the park a little differently now, I might look at some kids differently now than I did before, like I looked at that kid like he's just coming over to me, but I'll look at him like a little stark like, why are you coming over here," Massey said.

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