Delay in releasing wrongly convicted inmates

October 19, 2012 2:43:13 PM PDT
A 17 year old girl is heartbroken after she thought that she would finally be reunited with the father taken from her when she was just two weeks old.

Eric Glisson is now 37.

"It's hard, you know going to school and hearing other girls talk about their fathers and the times they enjoyed, it was hard for me," said Cynthia Morales, Glisson's daughter.

Bronx prosecutors agreed Friday to vacate the convictions of Glisson and his co-defendant, 44-year-old Cathy Watkins, who are charged with murdering a livery cab driver in 1995.

The U.S. Attorney's Office recently uncovered evidence that Glisson, Watkins, and three others convicted of the crime are innocent.

The real killers are two gang members turned federal cooperators who've confessed.

But there was a hitch; the DA's office insists that Glisson and Watkins wear ankle monitors for three months while prosecutors verify the U.S. Attorney's truth, and those bracelets aren't available until next week.

"It's obvious he's innocent and they're just dragging it along," said Clarence Glisson, Eric Glisson's uncle.

Glisson's uncle had brought a whole new wardrobe for his nephew to start his new life.

"I just brought it, ironed and everything, ready to go," Clarence Glisson said.

"I think we all know that Eric and Cathy are innocent, we know who the real killers are, and I think they should just face the facts," said Peter Cross, Glisson's attorney.

In an exclusive interview with Glisson recently at Sing Sing prison, Eyewitness News investigative reporter Sarah Wallace asked him what he thinks of the DA's office.

"The DA is only looking to win, that seems to be the policy, you know, win, win, win, at any cost," Glisson said.

It's a cost that's taken a huge toll.

They continue to pay a price for a system that refuses to let go.

"What are her thoughts, she's innocent of a crime she spent 17 years in jail on, I mean, what are the thoughts, and it continues, it's frustration and angst and when is it going to end?" said Paul Casteleiro, Watkins' attorney.


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