Football coach speaks out against criminal charges

October 20, 2012 4:41:28 AM PDT
Coach Robert Hampton still wears Lincoln High School Blue - from the windbreaker to the hat.

The Lions Football Program is in his blood, even though he may never coach there again.

The full story still hasn't come out about what happened at Lincoln on July 30th. On that day, a 15-year-old female athlete at the school accused one of Hampton's star players, 18-year-old Steven Jones of fondling her.

Hampton, who was out on Workman's Comp wasn't coaching at the school at the time, but was informed about the incident by another coach.

Hampton then says he had a meeting with the alleged victim's mother, the player, and the assistant coach to try to mediate.

He then says he notified his superiors at the school, calling and emailing the head of the athletic department.

"He reported to the higher-ups and the athletic director - it was up to them to make the decision about going to the police department," said the coach's attorney, Terry Ridley.

However, prosecutors accuse Hampton of essentially turning a blind eye to the allegations. They allege that he failed to notify the police, suggesting a cover-up. It was an effort to protect a star player, and the football program Hampton built into a winner.

Investigators say they didn't find out about the alleged incident until two months later when the accuser's mother went to police.

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