Teenage girl, apparently bullied, commits suicide

October 26, 2012 5:30:01 AM PDT
A teenage girl who friends say was bullied at school committed suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming train in front of other students Wednesday afternoon.

"She was beautiful, she was so sweet, loud, she was crazy, she didn't deserve it, she was bullied," said Briana Torres, the victim's friend.

She was so picked on that Felicia Garcia's friends tell Eyewitness News the normally outgoing 15-year-old felt she had no options and instead threw herself in front of a train at the Huguenot Railway Station.

Dozens of fellow students from Tottenville High School watched in disbelief.

"She gave this girl her phone, she dropped her books, put her hood on and jumped," said Sabrina Chiapparelli, a student.

The day before the fatal plunge, the sophomore posted one last cry for help on Twitter, saying "I can't, I'm done, I give up."

At school Thursday, students were still reeling.

"There were mixed emotions, people were angry, they wanted to beat people up but counselors were saying violence isn't the answer," said Sasha Russo, a student.

Briana Torres says just a few days ago, Felicia broke down in tears, told her rumors were spreading at school and online.

"She told me how a few football players were tormenting her. They were making fun of her, inappropriate things," Torres said.

Police are investigating, talking with students.

"The ability to be anonymous on the internet gives people a sense of power to say these things to people because they're hiding behind a keyboard," said Polina Feldbein, a student.

Now many are facing the ugly fallout that often comes along with bullying.

"I'm going to miss her personality, her smile lit up the world," Torres said.

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