Cops, crimes and a monster storm

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October 25, 2012 1:38:59 PM PDT
What's next - locust and the plague? We have a hurricane heading this way (more on that later), and the week so far for local cops has been filled with getting shot, getting killed, shooting, shooting and killing, and now, perhaps the most bizarre police story of them all - a cannibal cop.

Or, alleged cannibal cop.

His name is Gilberto Valle, an upstanding officer with the NYPD. Or at least the NYPD thought he was upstanding. He's now accused of plotting to kidnap scores of women, then slow boil, cook, and then eat them.

It is a contorted, strange and grotesque case, no question. But it does raise the more troubling issue of how someone who, if the charges are true, wants to do all this gets through the screening process to become a cop, and then stays on the job for 6 years.

And what a Twilight Zone of a life for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. Last night he stood before a line of cameras and microphones, praising the efforts of a remarkable cop, who, off-duty, breaks up a robbery, gets shot for his efforts, chases the robber by car, and then gets out, holds his chest wound to prevent the bleeding, and then shoots the gunman, in the head.

What's the bubble above Commissioner Kelly's head? Talking about this brave cop, knowing that 12 hours later he'd be talking about a cannibal cop?

We'll have the latest on both cases, tonight at 11.

We'll also have the latest on Darrell Fuller, the ex-con on parole now charged with murdering a Nassau County police officer and a bystander whose car was stolen. Cops now claim that Fuller's gunshot wounds were not self-inflicted, but rather he was shot by a friend of his, as part of an attempt to create an alibi. Apparently, Fuller is claiming he was shot during a kidnapping attempt - where he was the victim.


Now to Hurricane Sandy. Meteorologist Lee Goldberg's track on this storm now shows about a 10 percent chance that Sandy will simply make a right turn out to see after climbing up the Southeast coast. There's a 35 percent chance it will hit Eastern Long Island and New England. And a 55 percent chance it will hit the New York City metro area ? which is Cape May, New Jersey, to Montauk, New York. In other words, a huge area.

Will this be the monster storm that many experts fear, or will we get just a typical Nor'easter with lots of rain and some coastal flooding? We're tracking it closely tonight at 11.

And our Jeff Pegues tonight has an exclusive interview with the girl from New Jersey - a young teenage athlete - who was allegedly groped by a high school football player. She told the coach, who is now in criminal trouble for allegedly not doing anything about it. He's already told us, in another Eyewitness News exclusive, that he did tell his higher-ups. It's a complicated but disturbing case.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Rob Powers with the night's sports. I hope you can join Sade Baderinwa and me, tonight at 11.


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