Carmel field hockey team banned from sectionals

October 25, 2012 2:49:17 PM PDT
The Carmel field hockey team has been banned from competing in sectionals due to a scheduling error.

The 17 girls on the Carmel field hockey team are chanting for change instead of getting ready to start the tournament sectionals.

"We've had an amazing season and it's so hard to see it end like this," said Megan O'Brien, player.

With a 13-3 and 1 record, their season was on a winning track, the players believing they could have made it all the way to the state championship.

But that 13-3 and1 equals 17 games and according to rules that govern their sport the maximum number of contests is 16.

"Just an unfortunate mistake," said Kevin Carroll, principal.

A scheduling mistake that Principal Kevin Carroll tells Eyewitness News wasn't caught.

"Adjustments have to be made based on conflicts, field usage, things like that. Resubmitted a schedule that unfortunately had one more game than was allowed," Carroll said.

It doesn't allow them to compete in the tournament.

"No school, no team, should have to deal with this after putting in so much work and having a high winning season," said Cassie Schuttrumpf, co-captain.

Their biggest challenge now is an off the field battle to see a change in the rules.

"I will definitely make sure this rule, that there is an appeals process or something so no other team has to go through this," O'Brien said.

"We all need to work together to decide together what should be done so that other teams are protected down the road," said Andrea Caso, coach.

They know it won't be easy, but they've sent a petition to sectional and state athletic officials and they started a Twitter page: #CFHLetTheGirlsPlay.

"It was great to know our whole team, our school, and even in our community, and people in other states and countries, we didn't even know were supporting us," said Abigail Millard, co-captain.

"We have been told no time and time again and we are not going to give up. I believe we are determined enough to get it done," Caso said.

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