Red Cross needs help, post Hurricane Sandy

October 30, 2012 2:06:21 PM PDT
The American Red Cross is reaching out to survivors of Hurricane Sandy, and to those they hope will help the agency provide critical food and shelter to them. Those who need assistance can link to

When disasters like Superstorm Sandy devatate communities, it's the support of so many around the country that lets the Red Cross provide warm meals, shelter and hope to families that need it most. Donating provides this critical support. You can donate now at or call 1-800-REDCROSS.

Already, thousands of Red Cross workers and volunteers are on the scene across multiple eastern states serving meals and snacks to families with no electricity or running water, providing shelter, clean-up kits, emotional support and more.

"For as long as we're needed, we'll be there but we are currently in need of more support," says Jim Starr, VP of volunteer management for the agency.

The Red Cross is looking for people to help in several ways:

  • provide assistance in shelters
  • provide support in Red Cross warehouses
  • help with distributing needed supplies
  • help with serving meals
  • help in identifying areas that are damaged, so that the agency can send the right services

    If you are able to volunteer your time for one day or more, please click here to register as available and a Red Cross representative will contact you.

    The agency says registering online is the best way to volunteer. At local chapters, Red Cross workers are heavily engaged in our response activities and may be unable to immediately take advantage of your offer to help.