Video: Prosthetics allow paralyzed bulldog to walk

November 16, 2012 5:23:16 AM PST
A prosthetics company in Florida helped an unusual patient walk for the first time.

Spencer is a 2-year-old bulldog who is paralyzed in his back legs. Veterinarians suspect someone likely dropped or stomped on him when he was a puppy. His current owners found him on their doorstep.

Because Spencer drags and injures his paws, he has never gone on a real walk.

"His whole life he's spent at my feet, looking up and crying, like, 'Pick me up! Pick me up! Take me here, take me there,'" Spencer's owner, Linda Heinz, said.

But now, thanks to some inventive prosthetics from Westcoast Brace and Limb, Spencer is finally able to experience the joys of being a dog.

Now equipped with custom braces, and green Crocks, Spencer was overjoyed to take his first steps. In fact, he ran up and down the clinic hallway so many times, he had to stop for water.

And as if walking out from his appointment wasn't enough, Spencer came home to his first walk with his brother, Porkchop the blind pig.

"The happiest creature you'll ever meet," Heinz said. "He wakes up happy. He never has a bad moment."

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