What not to buy on Black Friday

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November 21, 2012 8:19:19 PM PST
It's a secret only the savviest of shoppers who price watch closely know and Eyewitness News is going to share it with you.

Black Friday is not the day to buy toys, there is a tried and true window where the prices for toys drop.

It's during the first two weeks of December, prices will be low and then spike back up for last minute procrastinators as we get closer to the holiday.

But waiting to save will have some consequences!

Waiting for that sale sweet spot could save you big bucks, but you risk disappointing these little faces on Christmas when what they really wanted to unwrap was sold out.

Black Friday is the duke of deals' Super Bowl.

His website Dealnews.com tracks retail prices all year long.

When aisles are bulging with Barbie, the research shows prices are high and stay that way until too much inventory causes that temporary slash the first two week of December.

"And it's all retailers, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Toy R Us, these retailers start to show better deals on all toys in general," said Dan deGranPre, of DealNews.com.

Don't buy Christmas related stuff on Black Friday; if you can wait stores will practically give decorations away after the holiday.

Same goes for winter apparel; it's cheaper starting in January when the bulky coats, boot and sweaters hit the clearance shelves to make way for spring merchandise.

And if you want to snap up the best price on cameras don't buy them until digital SLR's come down in price after the new models debut.

February's the best time to score last year's model at an aggressive discount.

The same rule applies if you're eyeing that huge flat screen: wait.

"The one you want to buy as a center piece on your home to watch the Super Bowl on those are higher end TVs typically, they are going to get cheaper maybe in December definitely in January, February, those that are on discount right now are the cheap TV's," deGranPre said.

Cheaper, smaller TV's will be the door busters on Black Friday; those are the deals you want.

Lastly if your significant other really wants luxury this holiday, be aware jewelry watches and other beautiful baubles will be at the highest prices of the year from Black Friday through Christmas.

Look for sets like one at Pandora to maximize your dollar if you can't wait.

"If you're proposing on Christmas, just get the deal now," deGranPre said.

If you're going to put a ring on it, better get the hardware sale or no sale!

Other things you shouldn't wait to buy, is stuff that will sell out.

For example, if you see the new Wii U, the first new gaming console to come out in six years, snatch it up, they're gone as soon as they come out of the crate.


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