Paid for health insurance, but got no coverage

Seven On Your Side
November 26, 2012 2:34:42 PM PST
When you see money coming out of your paycheck for health insurance, you assume you're covered.

But an Orange County woman got quite a shock after major surgery, she learned she had no coverage, and when the business wouldn't take responsibility for the lapse she got 7 on her side.

This is a story 8 months in the making.

The Orange County couple was out thousands in health insurance coverage after the husband says his company didn't pay his premiums, but kept calling and emailing through the summer and fall.

Finally, there's a happy ending.

Kim Beaulieu's happy now, but last spring it was a different story.

"I thought he was our friend, you know?" said Kim Beaulieu, Rob Beaulieu's wife.

She's referring to her husband's former manager at Village Ford in Pine Bush.

"I asked him before she had the surgery. I said, 'Is everything okay?' He said everything was good. We're not going to have any problems? He said, 'Everything's good,'" said Rob Beaulieu, Kim Beaulieu's husband.

But the couple and their two kids were not good.

Even though Rob's employer was taking premiums from his paycheck, the insurance lapsed just days before Kim's gallbladder surgery.

"We found out a month after I had my surgery that there was no insurance," Kim Beaulieu said.

The operation was pre-certified end of April 2011, but by the time she had it done days later, coverage was terminated, sticking them with a $4,000 bill.

"It's another bill, we can't afford to pay," Rob Beaulieu said.

7 On Your Side tried to get an explanation from Rob's manager who he says steered him wrong.

"Bob, I have got to ask you what happened with Kimberly. You know Bob, you're the only person who can make this right and your friends say you turned your back on them," Nina Pineda said to Bob Cole.

He wouldn't face the camera, and the business co-owner John Rozema blamed the broker.

The dealership blamed the lapse that put Kimberly under the knife with no health insurance coverage on the Auto Dealers Association, and say it never forwarded the premiums to the health insurance company.

But the association said this dealership was chronically late, never paid in full and was warned employees were about to be dropped.

When 7 On Your Side found that out we went back to the Department of Labor and asked them to reinvestigate.

8 months later, results!

"I'm just really thankful that 7 On Your Side helped me with this, if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be holding this check right now," Kim Beaulieu said.

Village Ford paid $6,000 covering the operation plus interest and late fees.

"I lost some friends but gained some new ones, thank you, thank you," Rob Beaulieu said.

7 On Your Side spoke to the dealership's partner who apologized to Kim and Rob saying they should've been covered.

He blamed his own partner, Mr. Rozema, for not bringing the matter to his attention months ago.

Thanks to the Department of Labor who made sure the Beaulieus' were paid.



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