Snow blankets parts of the New York area

November 27, 2012 8:25:36 PM PST
Snow fell over parts of New Jersey and New York on Tuesday, while places closer to the coast and most of New York City only got rain.

When you are up against the elements, there's very little you can control.

So as Town of Clarkstown employee Kenny Kunz knows, you do your best to prepare.

"Try to stay on top of it and do the best we can," Kunz said.

That's what this community like so many others is doing. They are laying the foundation for what they hope will be an uneventful morning commute on Wednesday.

The trucks are tossing salt onto area roads.

"The temperature is going to drop," said Wayne Ballard, Superintendent of Highways.

"Tonight when the temperatures drop to 29, 23, that's when it's all going to start to set up. But, if the salt is there and it doesn't get washed away by the rain, the concentrations will be high enough that'll take care of it," Ballard said.

That's the plan after a full day of fighting ice and snow in the Town of Clarkstown.

Crews have been pulling long shifts to get the job done.

So far the roads look pretty good, but there are still several hours to go and miles of road and traffic to stay in front of.

Workers aren't looking back, they're focused on what's ahead.

"Hopefully it doesn't get too cold where you have black ice," Kunz said.


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