7 tips for finding the perfect tree

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November 30, 2012 1:50:21 PM PST
We are weeks away from the holidays and in the days ahead the chore becomes finding the perfect tree. Do you get a spruce or a fir? Tall or short?

Before bundling it up and bringing it home, know just how much tree your ceiling height can handle.

Measure first and select a tree 1 foot below ceiling height.

"A lot of people buy a tree that doesn't fit in there apt or house. 6 to 7 foot are the most popular size 8 the average ceiling height," Stew Leonard Jr. said.

"Stew" knows a thing or "two" about trees, his family of stores will sell 50-thousand firs and Fraziers every season.

The Douglas Fir's soft branches and needles are good for families with small children, Balsam's have a pretty blue tint and Christmas-y smell, but will lose needles faster than the most popular trees now. The sturdy Frasier or Noble FIR great for heavy ornaments, but a little more expensive.

One thing Stew encourages customers to do is give a potential pick, the fresh test.

"Just grab a branch and be pretty brutal, and pull and look at how many needles. If you have a lot of needles walk away," Stew said.

Trim at least 6 inches of branches for a clean trunk to fit easily into the stand and have the trimmer cut 1 inch off the bottom

Trees drink plenty, so give them a gallon of water a day and place your tree away from hot air vents and direct sunlight.

"If the sun is beating on it all day, that's okay. Just give it plenty of water," Stew said.

Lastly, avoid the last minute run back to the store for lights. Estimate you will need at least 100 bulbs per foot of tree, and more if you like it even brighter.

"There's a lot of led light s now that a very energy efficient and save you money on your electric bill," he said.


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