Son of murder victim struggles to keep store open

November 30, 2012 2:21:42 PM PST
There is more information on accused serial killer Salvatore Perrone and his relationship with his victims.

His store is just about all Moe Gebeli has left of his father.

Mohammed Gebeli was murdered there, police say by accused serial killer Salvatore Perrone.

"Why did he do it? Why did he do such a thing like that?" Moe Gebeli said.

Mohammad Gebeli owned Valentino fashions in Bay Ridge. He bought merchandise for his store from Perrone, who was a salesman.

Moe has known the man accused of killing his father for a long time.

"15 years. My father had known him longer than that. We treated him so nice every time he comes here. I mean we treated that guy so nice, and my father treated him so nice too," Moe Gebeli said.

Police say there was no apparent disagreement between the two and Perrone didn't gain any money or business from the murder. The two were friends.

"If I'd have asked you six months ago what you thought of that guy, what would you say?" Eyewitness News reporter Jim Dolan asked.

"I would have said he's a nice, he comes here, we joke with him, we laugh with him, we take whatever he got and buy it off him," Moe Gebeli said.

Now Moe is trying to make the store his father loved work again.

It was closed as a crime scene for a month and a half, they lost a ton of business, and now Con Ed is threatening to shut it down over an unpaid electric bill.

"There's a lot of extra things that's coming on top of me that I'm supposed to deal with and it's not even my fault," Moe Gebeli said.

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